Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Wish List

As a college student, 
I was encouraged to make a wish list for my future husband.
The point was not to be ridiculous,
the point was that I set high standards,
that I not settle,
that I recognize what I was looking for.

As I left college,
I set the list behind me ...
maybe it was not such a great idea.
Maybe the list was too lofty.

Can you imagine what my list looked like?

I wanted a man who loved God.
I wanted a man in the ministry.
I wanted a military man (there is nothing like a man in uniform).
I wanted a leader.
I wanted a man with a sense of humor.
I wanted a man who could fix things like my dad.
I wanted a man who was taller than me.
I wanted a man with short hair ... and no facial hair.
I wanted a man with blue eyes.

So my list seemed lofty and ridiculous ...
there were some superficial things I'll admit.
There were some things that did not seem to go together -
a military man and a man in the minisry?
but God met all but one of the list ...
my hubby has brown eyes :)

I think of this often when I think of God's graciousness to give us the desires of our hearts.
He did not bring him in my time ... but He definitely brought the right one in His time.

May I encourage young ladies to wait ...
the world has its timetable and plan ...
but just wait ...
God's timetable and plan is far better.

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