Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Perhaps I am the only one ...
but my flesh really gets the best of me when it comes to food.
I LOVE FOOD ... especially junk food.

I clean it up ...
then it gets out of control ...
then I clean it up again ...
then it gets out of control ...

Sometimes it is good food ...
but just too much, too often.

So - I am working on it again.
More veggies,
more lean protein,
less sugar,
less dairy.

I am thankful to have a supportive hubby.
We are enjoying the journey together.
He encourages me with his love of healthy food.
We are contemplating where the balance lies.

We drank a green drink on Saturday.
I don't know about the taste,
but it made the house smell good - fresh cut grass anyone?

I really view it as a spiritual battle that I have within myself.
Instead of giving my body what it needs ..
I give it what it wants.
Lust and covetousness are sins.

If you think of it,
pray that God would give me victory over poor eating,
that I would not submit to the "lust of the flesh."

Do you have a healthy treat that satisfies your sweet tooth?
I think I am going to try a smoothie tonight with coffee (teeccino) and frozen banana.
Sounds like it will work.

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