Wednesday, May 20, 2015

There's a Reason its called ...

There are so many "disciplines" in life.

music practice,
Bible study,
church attendance

One definition I read equated discipline with SELF-CONTROL.
Self-control ... a fruit of the spirit.
Does it typify your life?

I am embarrassed that there are many "disciplines" that I continue to battle.
But isn't "mastery" worth it?
We will never master the flesh here on earth, but we should be improving each day.

I love meeting a fitness goal.
The weight scale is much more friendly when I control my flesh's desire for sweets.
I enjoy being able to make beautiful music with an instrument.
I love to see the answers to specific prayers that I have prayed.
It is a blessing to have God speak through His Word 
and to have His encouragement in the battle over the flesh.

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