Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Forum: Keeping Time

So this is not a serious forum, but just one of interest to the writer.

How do you keep time?

Within the past 6 months, I heard that the watch is becoming obsolete
because of the prevalence of cell phones and digital devices.

I wear a watch.
I am lost without it.

Hubby ...
he carries a phone,
it is his time piece.

How about you?


  1. I track the path of the sun . . . because it is nice to see where the sun goes. For time, I wear a watch. I only carry a cell when I leave the house (and not just to the church), and never look at my cell for the time. My watch, on the other hand, has to show the time, day of the week, and date at one glance.

    1. I don't carry a cell either - and when I do, I forget that I have it. I figured most of my immediate family would still wear a watch.

  2. I wear a watch. The hubs carries his phone. He cannot wear a watch due to his wrist surgeries.