Thursday, May 8, 2014

Two Things

This week, I have 2 things to share.

I am thankful for a new trellis that hubby built for me.
We were given some free wood and we had over purchased rebar for another project - 
so the project was free.
Now my trumpet vine can have a place to grow and "show out."

I am also thankful for music and the gift of music.
When I got married,
my in-laws graciously sent us their old Yamaha Clavinova - 
the piano that they used at their church in the Arctic.
Now it is over 30 years old!
Just about the time that Murphy visited,
the Clavinova decided that it had served its purpose.
I lost an octave of notes, followed by another ...

We were praying for a new digital piano - 
but praying specifically for a free one ...
for this is not a category that we had budgeted for.

I was recently given a gift toward a $500 digital piano.
Hubby plans to take me shopping tomorrow to try some out.

God is so good - and it is a blessing when he allows His people to put feet to their prayers :)

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