Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Keep Walking

Proverbs 26:17 
He that passeth by, 
and meddleth with strife belonging not to him, 
is like one that taketh a dog by the ears.

Once again, I am convicted be the proverbs.
I am a nosy person.  I like to know things.
I am reminded that there are things that I do not need to know about.
I need to just pass by sometimes,
I need to stop the line of questions at other times,
I need to change the subject sometimes,
I need to remind someone that I am not part of the solution or problem and need not know the details.

It seems to be a common problem for women.
Maybe not all women, but many that I know.

But I am reminded that that nosiness can lead to my harm,
just like grabbing a dog by the ears.

Take Heed!

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