Thursday, May 15, 2014


This morning we were reminded to be thankful for electricity.
We woke during the night to powerful thunderstorms.
About 15 minutes after we woke up,
our electricity was knocked out.
It was supposed to be turned on by now,
but I am writing from the library after doing some errand running.

I am also thankful for a little shopping trip yesterday.
The yearly birthday flower trip.
The flower pots are full
and one flower bed was brightened.
There is nothing like plant life to lift the spirits.

I am also thankful for the rain today - 
all those plants need the rain to survive.

And of course,
I am thankful for 39 years of life.
Last year in the 30's.

Why did I ever think that 40 was old?


  1. happy birthday, sandra! i have been thinking about you all day! i would love to catch up via phone/email someday soon! love tricia

  2. Happy Birthday! You're supposed to blow out the candles on your cake, not the power for the whole town! We just planted new flowers last week at the church.

    1. Ha! That is a good one, Kevin! :)
      Have not done flowers yet. Maybe in a week or so.
      Happy Birthday, Sandra! Thought of you first thing this morning.

    2. No - I did not have cake for breakfast ... in fact, I had a strawberry sundae instead. Just bad lines in town, I guess. Thanks for the greetings.

  3. Happy Birthday to You... Happy Birthday to You... Happy Birthday Sister Sandra... Happy Birthday to you.

    1. The phrase "sister Sandra" always cracks me up ... not quite a nun :) Thanks for the sentiments.