Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Time Away

Hubby is nearing the end of his recovery period.
He will return to work next week.
Since he is feeling great but just not able to lift everything required at work,
we decided to take an outing this week.

houses made with timbers and brick

the doctor's house - 8 children

the burial ground - headstones uniform and flat to signify God's view of all men as equal

Last week a Groupon popped up for the Old Salem Village -
it is an old 1800 Moravian Village about 2 hours north of us.
It is much like Sturbridge Village in the north,
or Williamsburg and Jamestown in VA.

We packed up our lunch and hit the road.
We enjoyed the pleasant little village,
the reenactments,
and the quiet tree lined streets.

We enjoyed the change of scenery and routine.

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