Thursday, January 11, 2018

Better Than I Deserve

I can't remember where I was when it was "popular" to answer the question
"How are you?"
"Better Than I Deserve"

It is a timely reminder when you might be tempted to answer with a nebulous "fine"
or with a laundry list of troubles.
Especially here in America, we are blessed beyond measure.
In the spiritual realm, we have the ability to be on a road to heaven
instead of facing the doom of hell which we so rightly deserve.

Both hubby and I were reminded in the past few days of how much we have been given.
While the physical provision is easy to see ... cars, home, clothes, food, financial blessing,
we are also blessed and thankful for God's provision of prayer warriors.
We are thankful for our family and friends who pray even when they don't know what to pray.
We are thankful for those who care beyond the physical needs for our spiritual health and well being.

I had a very specific prayer need this week -
not a physical need, but a spiritual battle.
I mentioned the need to hubby to add to his prayer list.
God sent a verse to encourage me in my Bible reading.
God sent victory at the beginning of the week.
God sent a test.
And at least this time, there was even victory in the test.

That is proof of God's provision through the prayers of His people.

I am grateful.
I am humbled.

Thanks for your prayers.

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