Monday, February 17, 2014

12 Years of Donuts

It is February 17th and in grand Bickish tradition,
we celebrate Donut Day.
We began our day with cinnamon donuts that I had tucked away in the freezer from a Christmas gift.
We also enjoyed a cup of Teeccino - my coffee substitute.
I also made a half of a recipe of our favorite protein smoothie to hold hubby over until snack time.
It is always special to remember our first date, now 12 years ago.
The donuts aren't near as special as they were at that little Italian bakery,
but the remembrance is just as sweet!

Life continues to teach us many things.
On Friday, after taking hubby his valentine lunch,
we went to a 7-11 for a coffee.
Just a decaf coffee with some amaretto cream.
It sure was good.

I was very moody on Friday night.
And then on Saturday,
exhaustion and more tears when I awoke.
I felt "glutened"!
But I had cooked all of our meals,
and there are very few "oopsies" at home anymore.
It must have been the creamer, right?

Alas, the creamer was gluten free.
The coffee?
Does coffee have gluten?
No, coffee is gluten free,
but I have since found out that there is a protein in coffee 
that many gluten sensitive people react to just like gluten.
I think that I am past the reaction now.
Maybe another detox brew this morning for good measure.

This weeks menu plan:
Monday:  Deer Tenderloin
Tuesday:  Clam Chowder
Wednesday:  Vegetable Frittata
Thursday:  Creamy Vegetable Beef Soup
Friday:  Balsamic Chicken
Saturday:  Roast Beef Au Jus / Chili
Sunday:  Hoppin John

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