Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Forum: Pride

So here is the thought, or question:

Is all pride bad?

The Bible would seem to suggest it.


what about
pride in a job well done,
pride in your children...
You know ... "I am SO proud of you."

What do you think?

Is it a matter of semantics?
Should we just change the wording?

Is "good" pride just a pleasure in good work?


  1. Let he that glory, glory in the Lord. I guess it could be semantics, except that the wording does place our focus on the wrong thing. Pride in a job well done may mean to work heartily as to the Lord, but the glory is in self. Pride in children is often used as an expression of the children being pleasing in some aspect of their character or life, but the focus would be on them rather than the sentiment of "It brings me great joy to see you walking in truth" that is more biblical. There are a lot of word choices that we can call semantics, but I think ought to be followed because our words are important. Biblical words carry much more meaning (e.g. foolish instead of stupid or dumb, wise instead of smart, godly instead of good. . .)
    Should we just change the wording? No, we should let God's Word change our thinking. Romans 12:2
    Allowing God's Word to have more influence over us than the messages of the world - an ongoing recent challenge.