Saturday, March 22, 2014

Busy Saturday

We began our day with a sleep in to 6:30 - Yeah!
Visitation took us to a beautiful golf/lake community
and it was a beautiful day.

When we got home,
hubby set to work building me a pallet bench for the back porch.
He brought home a pallet from work
and was challenged to use scraps that we had from making clothes lines.

 I think it turned out beautiful.
Next time we are going to make the back a little shorter.
I am going to sand it a little and paint it.
It is primarily my bench for putting on my garden boots.

I tidied up my garden,
did a little weed spraying,
and reorganized a daffodil garden.

After the outside work, I set to work on church dinner preparations.
Chicken Pot Pie
Natural Strawberry Fruit Snacks
Peach Plum Pie
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I don't know what possessed me to make 2 pies - 
Gluten free crust is a real bear to work with,
but I tried 2 new recipes and was relatively pleased with them.

I enjoyed making the cupcakes.
One exploded in the making and ended up looking like the Titanic,

but they were good - really good.

Everything is gluten and cassein free and still edible - Hoo Rah!

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