Thursday, March 6, 2014

Health and Challenge

Today I am thankful for renewed health.
No one is a fan of sickness.
After 4 days of a bad cold,
I am happy to be feeling better ...
still not 100%, but I can breathe again :)

I am also thankful for others who challenge.
One of the blogs that I follow offered a 4 week clean home challenge.
The challenge is broken into 5 projects each week along 
and removal of 35 items from the house each week.

I have begun this week.
So far I have ...
cleaned the fridge,
cleaned my purse,
and vacuumed the furniture in the living room.

I still need to clean under the beds and behind large pieces of furniture
and clean the freezer.

I did find about 40 items to remove from the house - 
some were clothing items,
some were unused jewelry,
some were food items I no longer desired to use,
and some were expired medications.

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