Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Still Cleaning

 With a rainy start to the week,
it is a good week to continue the cleaning challenge.
I did finish all of the challenges from last week - 
I was pleased that nothing was as nasty as the bunnies under the bed and behind the fridge.
I don't think that I found 35 things to throw out,
but I probably found about 15.
I have a huge stack of magazines to look through,
so that will boost my numbers.
With an emphasis on the kitchen this week,
I am sure that I will find many broken or unused utensils to part with.

This week:
Clean out silverware drawer.
Clean stove top, oven, and toaster oven. (microwave if you have it)
Clean the top of cupboards and outside of cupboard doors.
Clean all other kitchen drawers (and crock of utensils for me).
Clean computer and organize files, delete files, run defragmenter.
Clean all mirrors and glass doors.
35 more things to sell, give away, or pitch!

I cleaned the top of cupboards and outside of cupboards yesterday.
I found plenty of grease and had to dig out the big "guns."
Needed some grease remover and a scraper.
Look at the ball of grease in front - OOOHH, YUCK!
I also cleaned the 3 kitchen drawers and the mirrors throughout.

Today I will tackle the oven and toaster oven
and begin work on the computer.

*update - 
the oven is cleaned and the stovetop is refreshingly clean - 
I really need to do better at keeping up on it.
I started converted files on the computer from an obsolete program to a more available program.
That feels good.

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