Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Cleaning

The Four Week Challenge is almost over.
In the process, I have discovered some things that are missing
and I am going to turn it into a 5-6 week challenge.

This week's challenge includes:
Clean Vents
Clean out and Reorganize kitchen cupboards and pantry.
Clean closets.
Clean windows, blinds, and window treatments.
Clean windowsills and trim.
Clean out and reorganize medicine cupboard.

I cleaned the vents yesterday during my regular cleaning day.
I also laundered the window treatments.
I do my windows weekly, but did make an effort to wipe down the trims and sills.
I do not have a medicine cupboard, but did go through my "drawer" 2 weeks ago.

So that leaves
cupboards and pantry (Wednesday)
closets (Wednesday)
Blinds (throughout the week)

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