Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Change of Temperature

Typically, my Thankful Thursday entries are the small day-to-day blessings around me.
Today, is a larger blessing.

12 years ago, God gave us a beautiful car.
It was brand new and afforded us 3 years to not worry about major problems while hubby was out to sea.
The car was priced amazingly low.
It was a simple car - 5 speed, no a/c. am-fm cassette.
Just the base model.

The lack of AC was not a problem in NY, it was definitely not a problem in Seattle.
We moved to NC and the lack of AC was a little more unpleasant,
it was only for 4 years, right?
Well, 4 years have turned into 8.

Last Wednesday,
we began looking for a new car.
I emailed a few dealership 
and found one that listened to my requests
and offered a good, even great, price.
We did not have to haggle or go back and forth.

So today, 
I am thankful for my new car.
I am thankful for the good price.
I am thankful for the car dealer who listened and arranged everything online.
I am thankful for a car with air conditioning.
I am thankful that our old car sold at a fair price.
I am thankful that we could sell it to a student in the trailer park.
I am thankful that it sold in only 2 days
(this was a blessing since it was a 5 speed and had no a/c).