Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just Listening (to Myself)

Hubby and I have been doing a lot of simplifying, revamping, rescheduling, evaluation.
You have seen the pictures of home remodeling - 
trying to breed efficiency in our space and a spirit of peace.
One of our goals was to make an open space where we could work out together.
That involved paring down and using space wisely.

One of the things that we are constantly evaluating is our workouts.
We both like to push hard - we like consistency.
We like to follow a plan and to not be distracted from it.
Our usual workout time is 4:45 am.

In our evaluation,
we are trying to learn to listen to our bodies.
Sometimes we just need rest.
Sometimes we want to be lazy and need to work harder.
Sometimes we need a break.
Sometimes  we need the consistency of the scheduled workouts.
Sometimes we need to ignore the scheduled exercise.

We are trying to listen.
We are trying to value quality over quantity.

Are you pushing too hard today?
Are you asking too much of yourself?
Or do you need to do more?

Be a fair critic and listen to yourself.

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