Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Full-time or Part-time Work

It is not often that someone encourages me in my work.
It is not to say that it doesn't happen.
I have a very encouraging hubby and an encouraging family.

I was encouraged by an attender at our church at our Memorial Day picnic.
She is still fairly new in her attendance at our church,
so she asked if I worked out of the home.
My pessimistic self said "oh, here we go, the conversation killer."
"Yes, I am a home maker."

Her response stunned and encouraged.
Due to poor choices (her words), she works out of the home,
but she was thrilled for me.
She basically said, what I believe.
"Being a homemaker is a full-time job ... if you do it right."
Encouraging and convicting.
Sometimes I fall into "letting things slide."
But my work takes full-time effort and hours.
Early morning workouts,
post-workout smoothies,
lunches to pack,
breakfast to make,
house to straighten,
garden and yard to keep,
shopping to be done,
meals to plan and execute,
people to visit and encourage,
children's Bible lessons to plan.

Perhaps somedays you get discouraged in your work.
Remember it is full-time;
it is the most important work you can do for your family;
it is your high calling.

And if my friend is reading this ... Thank you again for your encouragement!

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