Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Farmhouse Industrial

My taste in decor has definitely been a work in progress.
I had the early teen years of pinks and purples.
I had a definitely Victorian phase - which you can still see at my parent's house.
I have had an eclectic hodgepodge - farm table, lodge decorations, traditional seating ...

I have finally "nailed" a look I love - they call it Farmhouse Industrial.
I boil it down to beautiful woods and metal.
Yes, I love the mixed mediums.
Remember the porch with ropes, 

the porch with metal,

the new dining set of "wood" and metal.

After cleaning out the living room space and paring down,
I was left with a small entry table for a desk.
It also boasted a 5 gallon bucket for a stool.

I was determined to not make a silly decision for my work space ...
and it had to be fairly small.
So I searched and searched to find a new desk.

What I learned was that I have expensive taste.
I also learned that desks are typically very large.
But, I did find some ideas that I loved and some that could be simplified
so that hubby could build me a perfect desk.

So here is the pile of wood and angle iron.

Hubby cut the pieces on Saturday.
I will be staining and poly-ing this week.
Hopefully on Saturday ...
I will have a new workstation :)
... and hopefully you will see it on the next Transformation Tuesday!

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