Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Place to Work

Hubby finally had a whole Saturday off -
no church responsibilities,
no work,
no weddings,
no college vehicles to fix,
you get the idea. ...

And now I have a new desk and stool.
I am one happy wife!

Since leaving WA in 2008,
my workplace has been a rolling printer cart.
I pulled it up to the couch, I rolled it to other rooms,
it was convenient, but not aesthetically pleasing in the living room.

When we began revamping the living room early this year,
I vowed to make a change - A real desk!
I tried this little entry table for a few months and found that I could actually make it work.

I googled, I pinterested, I scoured idea sites.
The problem was many desks were too large.
The other problem was the price.
But I eventually landed on some simple pieces that hubby could make with minimal tools.

Here are my inspirations:

Plans here
Available here:  only $1000
It is larger and uses thicker wood then mine, but really $1000!
And here are hubby's adaptations:

More work space - more storage space (and hidden from view)
A comfy stool to sit on which also adds additional seating in the living room or at the dining room table.
I wish that I were neat enough not to need the basket drawers ... but :)
I do plan to paint the baskets a different color -
either dark wood brown or a color from the seat cushion.

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