Monday, June 20, 2016

Kitchen "Must-haves"

OK - so I suppose that they are not "must-haves,"
but they do make my life easier.
I love the bright colors - so much fun!

The first are silicone ice cube trays in two sizes.
I use the small for my almond butter fudge.
Easy single portion.
I use the larger size for the Pineapple Freeze.
Again.  Easy portion control.
No thawing, cutting, and refreezing!

The second tool is a tomato corer.
It works to take the stem out with no waste.
I also use this when making the stuffed strawberries.
It makes a nice area to stuff without cutting open the whole strawberry.

I almost forgot this one:
the avocado tool.
It has one size to slice,
the tool in the middle to get the pit out (just place on pit and twist),
the other side to scoop and slice at the same time.
I didn't have much confidence when I received it at a "white elephant" exchange ...
but it really works!
We use avocado sliced with eggs for breakfast,
as guacamole for a snack or mexican side dish,
and have been using it to make pudding recently :)

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