Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Teaching Work Ethic

One of my pet-peeves is a "fear" of work.
It shows itself in many ways ...
it could be always looking for the easy way out,
it could be looking for ways to simplify any task,
it could be "cutting corners,"
it could be a disappearance when it is time to work.

I am thankful for my parents and teachers who instilled a work ethic in me.
We (my siblings and I) all took turns mowing ... with a push mower.
I still enjoy the effort today.
My parents made me finish textbooks ... even when my teachers were going to cut it short.
My teachers made me do timed drills and whole pages of tedious exercises.
My music teachers made me count out loud and "try" to memorize.

Does work ethic seem lost to you?
Do you run into a lack of it more often than you used to?
Do you work with children - your own or someone else's?
The "hard" way should not always be something to be avoided.
Are you in the process of growing up?
Practice a good work ethic in your school studies, your home chores, etc. ...

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