Thursday, June 9, 2016

Peonies, Petunias, and the Blue Rose

On this Thankful Thursday - 
I am thankful for the beautiful flowers all around me.

There is not much that excites me like a beautiful flower.
Each year for my birthday,
hubby and I go shopping for flowers to fill hanging baskets and entryway pots.
It is easy shopping for him and it makes the property look so cheery.

zinnias - the look of a Mexican fiesta
petunias and gerbera daisies
Love the yellow and white stripe!
During our Memorial Day picnic,
an older woman looked at me and asked if I wanted some peonies.
She had some that had just finished blooming and she wanted to share.
How could I say "no!"
On Wednesday, there were the bulbs.
They may still be in shock,
but I am hoping that they survive the transplant and are beautiful next year.

Still a little bedraggled - but hoping the peonies survive.
the blue rose.

When I went to leave my piano lessons two Thursdays ago,
one of the little ones was carrying around a large blue rose.
I asked him if it was for his girlfriend.
His mother said it was for his teacher.
Though I don't actually teach this little one,
while the school age children were picking out end of the year gifts for their teachers,
he wanted to pick one for his teacher.
And I was picked!
Just a little pick-me-up for me.

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